• Abad
  • Aleli Bum-er
  • Billycoy’s blasted brain
  • Blog Ni Inday!
  • Cai Kulit’s blog
  • Curbside Puppet’s comfort room
  • Dacrocyte James
  • Ferbert Bautista (ALIEN!!)
  • Fil-Am Journey
  • Hamtaro <Terrorist>
  • Housemate, ARDEEBOI.
  • Janus–Flipnidus
  • King Daddy’s Boat
  • Marco Polo
  • Pam Buenaventura
  • RedLan
  • Retarded’s Notebook
  • Roelle John’s Affectueux
  • Tour with TravelBoi
  • If you wanted to be listed here, leave a comment… Exchange links people…

    Ciao! Enjoy!

    3 responses

    23 06 2008

    hi there john!! sure i’d love to xlinks!

    i already added your site to my linklist, johnny bravo – new horizons

    thanks in advance ^^

    1 09 2008

    Would like to exchange links. Either or both websites are fine.

    Please let me know when you approve so I can put your links up.

    14 11 2008
    tomy hanks

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    If you are interested, please contact me at

    Tomy Hanks

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