Johnny Bravo is the new name… hehehe

20 10 2007

Well, This is my new alias… hehehe… not because I look like Johnny Bravo. Simply because that’s how my co-worker calls me. Funny, isn’t it… anyways, “LOVE IT”…


Johnny Bravo is an American animated television series created by Van Partible. It premiered on March 26, 1995 on Cartoon Network, ran for 67 episodes and 4 seasons, and temporarily stopped its run on February 14, 2003.

Johnny Bravo originally appeared in two animated shorts created for Cartoon Network’s World Premiere Toons and was one of several characters to be given an ongoing series.




5 responses

6 12 2007

hey.. very nice

12 02 2008

i love johnny bravo!! he’s so…stupid…;D

2 08 2008
Marcila Partible

My cousin created him. Van Partible. his little sister Melissa Partible is one of my favorite cousins.

16 10 2008
Liz Madsen

Johnny Bravo rules!

28 05 2009

heheheheh shum nice perfect heheh

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