16 06 2008

This past few days I’ve been worried about myself. I’m getting so cofused of what’s happening in my life. One big question on my head “AM I HAPPY?”. I can’t even answer this question. I keep on analyzing myself. What the heck makes me feel like this? Whenever I’m with someone it’s like loneliness is hiding inside me. I believe they can see that I am happy, though I know inside that there’s something missing. I can’t really say that I am happy or lonely. There’s a part of me that shows I am happy, but whenever I am alone, I almost bump my head on the wall. I kept on asking “AM I HAPPY”.

I remember my friend told me before: “Life is not about being happy, it’s about being contented.” I dunno if I should believe this. But I think there’s something sad and strange about this statement. As I go on my daily life something new came in; the thought that “the goal is happiness”. Life should be happy (I think). At first it was very positive on my end. It’s as if happiness is just around the corner and is just waiting to be picked up. Later on it became something to do, I just have to think happy, do happy things, in short be happy.

With this kind of attitude, there is no doubt, I have taken my life with more responsibility in what kind of day I should have; should I be happy or not. Yes, Life has improved a lot for me. But I still wouldn’t call it happy. At the same time, I wouldn’t call it unhappy either. Am I content with my life? Am I proud of what I have achived? Do I have goals to reach, places to go? With all this, can I say that I am fulfilled? All this will still lead to one question; “AM I HAPPY?”. I just hope that being happy is as easy as it is described on this qoutation:

 “Finding happiness is like finding yourself. You don’t find happiness, you make happiness. You choose happiness.– by Helen Keller

More and more I think of this HAPPINESS thing, more and more confusing it is. So I tend to live a life which is sometimes happy and the rest of the time is just fine. I sometimes think that there has to be moments of shutting the door on those noisy questions, or else there will be just more and more and more confusing questions.

I decided to post this just to ask you people one thing.


By answering this, I might get the idea on where to start searching for true happiness. Thanks.



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19 06 2008

hi there handsome…ang gnda aman dis topic..it mademe think tlga po…aiz how can a i kno wat hapines is en im always confused of the purpose of my life…is it for my parents, or for my siblings,,,or for for my spexal somone hu doesnt know my worth…haiz,,,how wuld hapiness find me…

23 06 2008
a fil-am journey

my husband and son make me happy…. they are my happiness! 🙂

24 06 2008

simple lang ang sagot jan…find out the things that you are happy with, be true to yourself pare… You will find happyness… Watch the Pursuit if Happyness and you’ll find out the value of your life and of others! Cheer up man! Life’s too short to be so damn bored..!

24 06 2008

i agree with janus.. that’s all you need to do man..c’mon cheer up.. make your everyday the best out of it.bring out YOU!

25 06 2008

me, i’m happy playing video games or reading blogs/books/comics.

it’s trivial, but it distracts me from things that depress me. I guess if you’re unhappy, or if you haven’t found what makes you happy, you just need to find some distractions. At least you won’t be sad, right?

29 06 2008

26 07 2008

Masyado ka talagang predictable! As in! Iniisip mo na magiging masaya ka kung gagawin mo lang ang mga bagay na makakapagpasaya sa’yo. Try mo magbasa ng Bible o magsimba minsan baka sakaling mahanap mo ang ibig sabihin ng happiness. You know what, you can find happiness kahit hindi ka mayaman.Kahit isang beses ka lang kumain sa isang araw. Kahit payat ka or mataba ka. Ang kailangan mo lang ay maging positive sa lahat ng bagay at makontento ka sa kung anong meron ka. Siguro kung alam mo ang mga priorities mo sa buhay or basically alam mo talaga kung ano ang magpapaligay sa’yo, ibig sabihin lang ‘nun hindi iyon true happiness. Short term happiness lang iyon. Iyong long-term happiness hindi iyon nahahanap at hindi rin iyon nabibili. Makikita mo lang iyon kapag nasa langit ka na at kasama mo na si God. Kaya habang nandito ka pa sa earth gawin mo na lahat na puwede mong magawa. And please dont bother asking yourself from time to time kung masaya ka dahil sa tuwing ginagawa mo iyan nagsasayang ka lang ng ilang minuto o oras mag-isip ng sagot sasakit pa ang ulo mo. So wala lang. Feel ko lang sabihin ‘to sa’yo. Feeling genius lang ako ngayon. Hindi ko nga alam kung may sense ang mga sinasabi at mga ina-advice ko sa’yo. Pero kung may makita kang sense thank you kung wala pasensya na lang. Dont worry hindi ka naman ang nahirapan mag isip at mag type. Ako lang naman. Wala lang.

9 08 2008


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