3 10 2008


It’s almost a year since I started this blog. This article is written to formally inform everyone that I am closing my blog… yes… sad to say but I will need to close my blog now… I will no longer use this blog or update the blog… This blog will still be available for you guys… I will just leave it as is… It’s hard to say goodbye but I think it’s time to move on…?

This past few months, I’ve been very busy with so many things. (specially my job). I wasn’t able to post anything, I wasn’t able to update, I wasn’t able to read other blogs and most of all I didn’t have time for myself… Now, I’m letting go of my precious blog… I can’t say I won’t use it ever again… I don’t know… I can’t tell… hopefully… But for now, I need to go.


Overnight shift to be classified as ‘probable’ cancer cause

1 12 2007

Awww!!! Health hazard!!! — night shift pa naman ako…

Like UV rays and diesel exhaust fumes, working the graveyard shift will soon be listed as a “probable” cause of cancer.

It is a surprising step validating a concept once considered wacky. And it is based on research that finds higher rates of breast and prostate cancer among women and men whose work day starts after dark.

Next month, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the cancer arm of the World Health Organization, will add overnight shift work as a probable carcinogen.

The American Cancer Society says it will likely follow. Up to now, the U.S. organization has considered the work-cancer link to be “uncertain, controversial or unproven.”

The higher cancer rates don’t prove working overnight can cause cancer. There may be other factors common among graveyard shift workers that raise their risk for cancer.

Source: CNN


30 11 2007

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has imposed a curfew from 12 midnight Thursday to 5 a.m. Friday, in Metro Manila, Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog.

Ano ba yan… Curfew?? Martial law na ba pupuntahan nito? Buti excempted ako dito sa curfew na’to… One night lang daw to e… So walang problema… wag na sana maulit…

Exempted from the curfew are:

* Deliveries of products and services

* Passengers of airlines with an early-morning or late-night flight

* Emergency cases

* Drivers of public utility vehicles such as taxis, buses and jeeps

* Doctors and health care practitioners on duty

* Police and military personnel on duty

* Emergency response persons such as firemen and paramedics;

* Night-shift workers such as call center agents

* Media crews on duty

* Provincial bus passengers and commuters; and

* Diplomatic corps.

The “Magdalo” are back…

29 11 2007

They are back! With the same old purpose, Trillanes and the “Magdalo” sealed out Manila Peninsula… for the purpose of asking Madam President Gloria M. Arroyo to step out of Malacañang Palace.

Ang gusto naman nila e ang ikabubuti ng Pilipinas… Kaninang umaga sa bus napanood ko yung mga ginawa nila. Pinasok nila yung Manila Peninsula sa Makati. Just to proclaim yung kahilingan nila na bumaba sa pwesto si President. Oo nga tahimik nga yung ginawa nilang protest pero wala naman din itong pinagkaiba sa Oakwood Mutiny e… mag kaiba lang ng Hotel… I’ve seen lots of tanks surrounding the hotel. Gumawa nanaman sila ng eksena…

Tank Commander Billy! Well I just hope maayos nila to ng maaga… Makati is one of the business center here in the Philippines, malaking istorbo yung nangyari kanina… Are they calling for another “People power”?

 Anyways… I think dapat na magbitiw yung dapat magbitiw… Lumalala na ang sitwasyon… Masyado naman kasi makapit ang mga tuko… Please do it! Para sa mga bata…

Philippine politics is the dirtiest of all. Kahit gano kaliit or kababa ang posisyon, di nawawalan ng greediness. E sinong dapat mamuno? Meron pa ba dapat maupo? Anong klaseng gobyerno ba gusto nila?

Wala naman kasing perfect leader e. Pag nakaupo na siya, di na nila nakikita kung anong positive aspect nya… puro negative… yung mga di nya nagagawa, instead of mga progress na nagagawa… Haaaay… ang mga pinoy… Sala sa init, sala sa lamig…

Happy Birthday Naman ARMIE!!!

24 11 2007

Happy Birthday nga din pla kay Armie!!! xenxa na almost forgot… Here’s my gift for you…

This girl is way way way way tooo far from us now… she’s in another planet!!! hehehe… joke… Anyway… You, my friend, should be blessed with a day filled with lots of great memories. I hope you get just that. Happy Birthday

nasa sa dagupan me katatapos lng magcmba sa manaog...Happy Happy Birthday!!!…

I think ikaw ang dapat magregalo sakin no!! hahahaha… Alam mo n kung bakit!!! hehehe… Hope we could see each other again…In person… hahaha… do I laugh too much??? ehehehe…

Wishing you all the luck in the world. (sobra naman yata yun? All? e di wala na matitira sakin?).. Basta wish you luck, success… good… health and freedom of speech!!! nyay!!! at xempre… Happiness for the rest of your life!!!

Ingat ka jan palagi… Your far and hindi ko p afford pumunta jan…

God Bless… Have a great day ahead!!!

Happy Birthday Ethel Joyce!!!

24 11 2007

Yehey!!! Happy birthday my friend…

I apologize I’m way too far to give you a gift…

Instead, I decided to give you a birthday gift through my blog… Hope you like it… Xenxa na… I grabbed t


his pic in your friendster account…


the CUTEST one… Keep smiling… I wish you success, good health, and a happy love life… This Post is for you… hope you appreciate it… 

I don’t want to send you a birhtday card… baduy yun… di na uso… hahaha… here is my small gift for you… (small pero special…) Imagine… sikat ka sa blog ko…

wahaha joke….. mwuahhhh … 🙂

 Love you friend… take care… always…


Guess who bought an 84-carat diamond?

15 11 2007

GENEVA, Switzerland (AP) — An 84.37-carat white diamond touted by Sotheby’s for its size and beauty sold at auction Wednesday to Guess clothing company founder Georges Marciano for just under $16.2 million.


The top quality, brilliant-cut white diamond is the largest ever to appear in an auction.

The jewel — the largest top-quality, brilliant-cut white diamond ever to appear at auction — had been valued by Sotheby’s at between $13.3 million and $17.8 million.

Marciano’s winning bid, made by telephone, came to $16,189,769 including the buyer’s premium. It was just short of the all-time auction record for a stone or piece of jewelry, a record held by the same Sotheby’s branch in Geneva for a 100.1-carat diamond that fetched $16.5 million in 1995.

“We had interest from all over the world,” said David Bennett, the auction house’s chairman of jewelry for Europe and the Middle East. “This sale said a lot about the jewelry market internationally, especially the diamond market. It says great things about jewels.”

The diamond has received the highest possible grading, Sotheby’s said. It is D-color, or finest white, has flawless clarity, and its cut, polish and symmetry have all been graded excellent, it said.

Ron Cohen, the owner of the Los Angeles-based Clean Diamonds, was the seller of the gem. Cohen said he purchased it from Angola’s national diamond company two years ago, and knew immediately he had found something special.

“The size and especially the quality of the rough material was extraordinary,” he told The Associated Press by telephone. “I only hope I will one day come across another stone like that one.”

The New York-based company is hoping the “Magnificent Jewels” sale at Geneva’s historic Beau Rivage hotel will help it bounce back from the disheartening results of its Impressionist and Modern Art auction, which sent its stock tumbling.

The sale last week fetched $269.7 million, well short of estimates, and led some analysts to speculate whether the flight from risk currently gripping financial markets may be spilling over into the art world.


The company announced that it lost $14.6 million by purchasing paintings that failed to sell.

The white diamond already has been showcased in Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Rome, Los Angeles, London, Dubai and Bahrain. The auction Wednesday also featured other diamonds, colored stones and gems from the world’s leading jewelers.

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