Phantom of the Opera.

23 06 2008

I can’t help myself to post this video… I think this is fabolous. I loved the music that they play… Very astonishing…..

I am particularly impressed with the choice of Emmy Rossum as “Christine.” She is an extraordinary singing talent whose career will, I am certain, match the heights that her wonderful soprano voice can reach! I was surprised to find that she was only sixteen years of age when she filmed this movie. She is an example of true talent in an age in which electronic enhancements are regularly practiced in popular music. This movie is one of those few movies that I have seen multiple times! The imagery, the costume design, the musical score, and the acting – stupendous! I loved the chemistry between the cast members, you couldn’t have asked for a better cast. My favorite though has to be Emmy Rossum! She’s like an angel and she’s like trying to make me sleep…

Watch this two videos that I liked the most: “Think of me” and “Music of the Night”;

As for Gerard Butler, he was phenomenal. I didn’t know that his voice was really powerfull. At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I liked his voice, but grew to love it. It was because he sang in more of a belted, almost pop-like style. However, it worked well. You’ll love the Phantom. He was a phenomenal phantom, what else can I say.

 And of course the main theme:



5 responses

24 06 2008

this is my favorite know how i never get tired listening and watching about it..

24 06 2008

wwwoooow, i wanna watch this again!

25 06 2008

I love that. I caught the movie because I can’t watch the actual musical.

26 06 2008

maganda talaga siya. kaya nga award winning ito eh.

26 06 2008

can’t blame you from loving it dude!!!

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