3 10 2008


It’s almost a year since I started this blog. This article is written to formally inform everyone that I am closing my blog… yes… sad to say but I will need to close my blog now… I will no longer use this blog or update the blog… This blog will still be available for you guys… I will just leave it as is… It’s hard to say goodbye but I think it’s time to move on…?

This past few months, I’ve been very busy with so many things. (specially my job). I wasn’t able to post anything, I wasn’t able to update, I wasn’t able to read other blogs and most of all I didn’t have time for myself… Now, I’m letting go of my precious blog… I can’t say I won’t use it ever again… I don’t know… I can’t tell… hopefully… But for now, I need to go.


13 07 2008

A Letter for YOU! — whoever YOU are.

26 06 2008

— whoever YOU are. YOU know this is for YOU


When you came barging into my life, never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that you would affect me this much, or that I would learn to love you this much. Had I known, I would’ve run away from you as far I can, as fast as I could, knowing that our lives are far too complicated for us to ever be together. Or for us to ever be more than friends. 

I hate you, yet I love you…and it’s the very same reason why I wanted to stay away from you now, knowing that nothing will ever come out of this anyway, despite the fact that you also feel the same way for me, or so you say in one of those rare times you acknowledged your feelings.
After going through a not so emotional break-up, I was somehow delighted by the fact that you disproved the myth that I would probably get jaded, and that I would probably never love again. I’d like to thank you for making me realize that, yes…I am still capable of falling in love, and that I can still be silly-happy just seeing someone’s face or hearing someone’s voice for no reason at all. Funny, but that someone turned out to be you
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Phantom of the Opera.

23 06 2008

I can’t help myself to post this video… I think this is fabolous. I loved the music that they play… Very astonishing…..

I am particularly impressed with the choice of Emmy Rossum as “Christine.” She is an extraordinary singing talent whose career will, I am certain, match the heights that her wonderful soprano voice can reach! I was surprised to find that she was only sixteen years of age when she filmed this movie. She is an example of true talent in an age in which electronic enhancements are regularly practiced in popular music. This movie is one of those few movies that I have seen multiple times! The imagery, the costume design, the musical score, and the acting – stupendous! I loved the chemistry between the cast members, you couldn’t have asked for a better cast. My favorite though has to be Emmy Rossum! She’s like an angel and she’s like trying to make me sleep…

Watch this two videos that I liked the most: “Think of me” and “Music of the Night”;

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16 06 2008

This past few days I’ve been worried about myself. I’m getting so cofused of what’s happening in my life. One big question on my head “AM I HAPPY?”. I can’t even answer this question. I keep on analyzing myself. What the heck makes me feel like this? Whenever I’m with someone it’s like loneliness is hiding inside me. I believe they can see that I am happy, though I know inside that there’s something missing. I can’t really say that I am happy or lonely. There’s a part of me that shows I am happy, but whenever I am alone, I almost bump my head on the wall. I kept on asking “AM I HAPPY”. Read the rest of this entry »

The New 7 Wonders of Nature

2 06 2008

The top 77 candidates of the New 7 Wonders of Nature Nominees

Vote now to support your favorite candidates!


Last update 02-JUN-2008 10:00 GMT



Ha Long Bay



Cox’s Bazar, Beach



Tubbataha Reef



Chocolate Hills



Ganges, River



Mount Everest, Mountain

NEPAL – Asia


Amazon River, River/Forest



Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park



Mount Fuji, Mountain

JAPAN – Asia


Mayon Volcano

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9 05 2008


Absolute revamp… We’re going back to night shift. We all hated the change schedule specially when it was a forced change schedule. Series of unpredictable events happens now in the company where I belong. This is simply because of the change in management.

Before SHE come, everything was working fine… After our Canadian manager left to Barrie, this lady takes over… We didn’t know this is going to be the start of something new… something that will make our heads turn 360 degrees. SH**… this really makes our head spin…

From day shift we will now move to the very very very nice night shift… our previous schedule was 6:30 am to 3:30 pm, now, we will be on 8 pm to 5 am shift… Imagine that?? after controlling all the shift bid, she still have control over our schedule. Which we beleive is against COM…

Oh well, I guess we don’t have any coice at all…

“It’s like: Take the schedule or LEAVE!


15 04 2008

Ouch!!! Body pains… specially my BACK… I’m sooooooo damn busy guys… I can’t post anything. Don’t worry I still have time to visit my friend’s blogs… I jut want to share this cooooool amazing video… hope you could listen to it. This is from my housemate’s phone…

PRESENTING!!! Candidate number 15!!! Marimar of BOHOL!!!

Well, she’s very CONFIDENT!!!


22 03 2008

Fasting is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. Concerning that from which one fasts, and the period of fasting, a fast may be total or partial. Fasting practices may preclude sexual activity as well as food, in addition to refraining from eating certain types or groups of foods; for example, one might refrain from eating meat. Medical fasting can be a way to promote detoxification.

Fasting for religious and spiritual reasons has been a part of human custom since pre-history. It is mentioned in the Bible, in both the Old and New Testament, the Qur’an, the Mahabharata, and the Upanishads. Fasting is also practiced in many other religious traditions and spiritual practices.

Panahon nga ng fasting ngayon… anong naging way ko ng pag gunita? Well… walang humpay na OVER TIME… Good Friday to Black Saturday nasa office ako… walang tulog… walang food… at least it feels good na may nagawa pa din ako during this time… another thing is that wala din ako activities sa bahay…

At last nga pala… nagkita na ulit kami ng housemate ko… after more than two long weeks… imagine magkasama kayo sa bahay but di kayo nagkikita… weird no???

Anyway, I’m very happy with what’s happening around me now… that’s all I can share… Bloggers, Thank you for always visiting my blog… Hope to see more comments… hehehe… :-p

I’m Back!!

3 03 2008

After those busy days, FINALLY, I have time to blog… I’m back on track…

Well there’s so many things I want to share… Hmm… I don’t even know where to start…. I think I’ll start with our galera trip… Here are some pics…

More photos here!