A Letter for YOU! — whoever YOU are.

26 06 2008

— whoever YOU are. YOU know this is for YOU


When you came barging into my life, never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that you would affect me this much, or that I would learn to love you this much. Had I known, I would’ve run away from you as far I can, as fast as I could, knowing that our lives are far too complicated for us to ever be together. Or for us to ever be more than friends. 

I hate you, yet I love you…and it’s the very same reason why I wanted to stay away from you now, knowing that nothing will ever come out of this anyway, despite the fact that you also feel the same way for me, or so you say in one of those rare times you acknowledged your feelings.
After going through a not so emotional break-up, I was somehow delighted by the fact that you disproved the myth that I would probably get jaded, and that I would probably never love again. I’d like to thank you for making me realize that, yes…I am still capable of falling in love, and that I can still be silly-happy just seeing someone’s face or hearing someone’s voice for no reason at all. Funny, but that someone turned out to be you
I didn’t know how it all started, or when. Though I did question myself when I started anticipating your calls and your texts, I tried to assure myself that you were just a friend, that I am just enjoying your company, and that there’s nothing more to it. Even from the start, I felt that we were meant to be the best of friends. We enjoy the same music, the same movies, and we share the same wavelength as far as anything and everything is concerned. I felt so comfortable around you, as you are to me, and we’d hang out as often as we like, unmindful of what anyone would say. You were the coolest girl for me, and I was the coolest guy for you. And our friendship seemed like the coolest thing that happened to us.

But unfortunately, somewhere in the middle of all these, I fell inlove with you. Ironically, just weeks before you told me about your boyfriend. For someone so used to heartaches, I didn’t imagine it could still hurt me this badly. But it did. For days, I gathered enough courage to avoid you and to ignore the nagging thoughts in my mind that tell me I miss you, and that I need to see you, or talk to you, or even just to text you. Soon enough, you noticed the changes, as well as the space that I’ve tried to create between us, and expectedly, you assured me that nothing would change, and that nothing would get in the way of our friendship, not even the fact that you already have a boyfriend back home. A part of me wanted to believe you, but unfortunately, I know better. Of course, things will change.
We tried to keep the friendship at the same level, but it’s hard pretending to be just your friend when I know in my mind that you are so much more than that to me. We still tried going out together, but it just hurts me more each time you cancel at the last minute because your boyfriend texted you and you have to be with him, as if slapping me on the face with the fact that I’ll never be your first priority just because I’m just your friend.
Despite all these, I still continued to be your friend, I still continued to be there for you, I still continued to be available whenever you need me, and I still held on to the thought that maybe you could still change your mind, and that you could still fall inlove with me.
Somehow, in the middle of all these, my wish came true, but not in the way I expected it. In one of the rare times that you acknowledge your feelings for me, under the guise of drunkenness, you admitted that you’ve also grown to love me more than a friend; you admitted that you also tried to avoid me by not answering my texts, and by canceling most of our “dates” just because you thought you’re “not worth it”; Funny, I should be happy hearing you say all this, but I don’t know which is worse, not knowing the fact that you love me too or knowing the fact that you love me too yet the reality that I could not have you.

I am not one to fool myself and make believe that there will be a happy ending for us. I couldn’t fault you for laying it down to me plain & simple that we can never be more than what we are right now. Ok, so you felt the same way. Period. Who am I to expect that you also want to bring this, whatever this is, to the next level anyway? I might’ve been watching too many romantic movies that I am led to believe that one kiss is all it takes for two people to live happily ever after. I am dead wrong.
You don’t have to avoid me to make me realize that nothing will come out of this. I’ve realized that early on. Truly, love is not enough. I don’t regret being friends with you, but I regret the fact that we became too close, and that this closeness made you so special to me and gave me the chance to fall in love with you. When you came into my life, I didn’t really think of how long will you stay or how soon will you go, but I’d like to thank you for the fact that at one point in my life, you made me happy just by being in it.
Although I could’ve loved you more, I know now that you’re not the right one for me.



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28 06 2008

nice looooong post!


da who?? yung si “you”

have a nice weekend stay positive!

28 06 2008

..There are so many things in life that i can’t seem to understand.Things that can be seen and can be felt.But everything started to change ever since I met this pretty special someone.It’s as if time changed everything in just one snap of a finger.Life is much nicer and easier.I must say,this world has been a lonely and cruel place for me,before.I can always feel,emptiness deep inside me.It’s like I’m always searching for something or someone.Or rather I need to belong to something or someone.Impossible as it may seem I did find that special something and I found it in this one special person.
Whose worth is unmistakenly immeasurable.I know its too soon for this kind of feeling or maybe I’m confused with what I’m feeling right now.The truth is,this is the first time I ever felt this way.This feeling goes beyond what the eyes can see.It’s like its as if it can pass through space and time.Heavens may fall and stars may collide but still what I feel goes deeper and stronger everyday.How I really want to be with my someone.But I just can’t even though I wanted to.Even though its the only thing I’m living for.
Funny how fate works.The only man I ever wanted is the very same man I could never ever have.Sure I want to be happy.Everybody wants to be happy.But no amount of happiness….

28 06 2008

anak, ganda naman 🙂 ..papabasa ko to sa lola mo ^_* .. kaya lang bat ala yung pix?, fave ko pa naman yung tulip hehe…..

2 07 2008

who kaya si you… haay love… hehe

2 07 2008

Wahaha..parang kilala koyan..hindi bayan si ano??ahhh mmmm

3 07 2008

How touching but aahh…Kinda sad naman yan but it happens to many indeed. Anyway as the saying goes, if it is meant to be, den it’s meant to be un lng un hehehehehhe

5 07 2008

kilala ko ba sya? chos!

5 07 2008

kinda new here… i wonder who that “you” could be…

6 07 2008

Hello John, thanks for the drop…. Good weekend sa’yo….! =D

11 07 2008

i was just bloghopping, im wondering who that “you” is. ;p

shes so pwerful.

26 07 2008

You’re so naive, and so predictable. Everyones knows that you can find love in such unlikely places. Dapat wala kang regrets sa mga pinipili mong gawin. You don’t choose whom to love. Basta na lang iyon nangyayari. Isa pa, every relationship starts with friendship. So, huwag kang magtaka if you fell for someone who considers you a “FRIEND”. If you want something to happen work for it. If you want to be happy then gawin mo ang lahat para maging masaya ka. Huwag mong intindihin ang sasabihin at iniisip ng iba, they can judge and say the cruelest thing in life, pero hindi naman iyon nakakamatay. If you want to find true love you have to learn how to love yourself first. Magkaroon ka sana ng respeto at dignidad para sa sarili mo. Dont just jump to one relationship to another just because you want to be loved. Mali ang magmahal ng isang tao na may mahal ng iba. Masyadong melodramatic and so pathetic. Just remember that everyone is capable of loving and to be loved ang kailangan lang ay hanapin mo iyong isang tao na deserving para sa love na kaya mong ibigay. Dahil kung mararamdaman niya na genuine ang lahat ng ipinapakita mo, ganoon din ang ibabalik niya. Lastly, you can only find true love once. Its like a bullet na kapag tinamaan ka,tinamaan ka talaga.It leaves a mark na hindi mo na maalis kahit kailan. So dont pity yourself. Hindi mo alam, iyong true love mo nasa tabi mo na di mo pa nakikita because youre to blind to see it. Mas binibigyan mo ng attention ang sakit na nararamdaman mo. You’re a nice guy kahit hindi pa naman kita nakikita. ( i guess) You deserve someone better. A lot more better kaya huwag ka ng magmukmok diyan. Get a Life!

31 03 2009
Joan Marion

guess i have read this blog too late, i missed a lot from you my friend, i no longer have news from you, i wonder who’s this girl you’re talking about..she’s damn lucky and whoever she is, well i like to hate her…you don’t deserve to be treated that way.

from the photos of you today i can see that you’ve finally move on and forget…i’m happy for you, you deserve so much happiness and its good that you have found it.
hope i can get to know your girl one time and be able to hang out with the two of you (haha..that i think is fat fetched.)

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