A Letter for YOU! — whoever YOU are.

26 06 2008

— whoever YOU are. YOU know this is for YOU


When you came barging into my life, never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that you would affect me this much, or that I would learn to love you this much. Had I known, I would’ve run away from you as far I can, as fast as I could, knowing that our lives are far too complicated for us to ever be together. Or for us to ever be more than friends. 

I hate you, yet I love you…and it’s the very same reason why I wanted to stay away from you now, knowing that nothing will ever come out of this anyway, despite the fact that you also feel the same way for me, or so you say in one of those rare times you acknowledged your feelings.
After going through a not so emotional break-up, I was somehow delighted by the fact that you disproved the myth that I would probably get jaded, and that I would probably never love again. I’d like to thank you for making me realize that, yes…I am still capable of falling in love, and that I can still be silly-happy just seeing someone’s face or hearing someone’s voice for no reason at all. Funny, but that someone turned out to be you
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