Christmas in Our Hearts

19 12 2007

Christmas is coming. I thought it would be as colorful as before, but I was wrong.

I love Christmas ever since I was small. This time, I still do, but it had changed. It was not the same Christmas na inaasahan ko at pinakahihintay.

I will not go home to my family in the province. Malungkot, alam ko, pero mas magiging malungkot lang ko pag umuwi ako. Ang daming problema e.

ilustrado_parol.jpgAnyway… Merry Christmas to all…


Whenever I see girls and boys 
Selling lanterns on the streets 
I remember the Child 
In the manger as He sleeps 
Wherever there are people 
Giving gifts, exchanging cards 
I believe that Christmas 
Is truly in their hearts


let’s light our Christmas trees 
For a bright tomorrow 
Where nations are at peace 
And all are one in God
Chorus:Let’s sing Merry Christmas 
And a happy holiday 
This season, may we never forget 
The love we have for Jesus 
Let Him be the One to guide us 
As another new year starts 
And may the spirit of Christmas 
Be always in our heart
In every prayer and every song 
The community unites 
Celebrating the birth 
Of our Savior Jesus Christ 
Let love, like that starlight 
On that first Christmas morn 
Lead us back to the manger 
Where Christ the Child was born

So, come let us rejoice 
Come and sing a Christmas carol 
With one big joyful voice 
Proclaim the name of the Lord!

Repeat Chorus (2x):



3 responses

20 12 2007

i think it would be better to be with your family this Christmas…

Whatever your family’s going through right now, I hope it will soon be okay…

God bless and Merry Christmas! Cheep up!

20 12 2007

*Cheer up… must learn to proof-read before clicking the submit button. hehehe…

20 12 2007

ay oo nga… hehehe… copy ko lang kasi yang lyrics na yan e…

are you pertaining to the “manager”… hehehe

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