Thanks a Lot!

5 12 2007

thanks_graphics_04a.gifThank you!!!

For everyone having time to visit my blog… For the past few days I felt like I was a Blog addict… coming from work I go straight home to post something… anything that can be said… (I mean wrote)…

I never thought it could be this fun again… I always update my blog… and find time to read on other bloggers post… I love it because it’s giving me views and different insights for different situations…

 Also, I was amazed on how my blog gets to other places… I really love blogging now… I told one of my colleagues that this is my only VICE… hehehe… this is some sort of entertainment for me… I even told my supervisor to visit it and leave a comment n it… You know what? Blogging even gives me a 3 day NOT PAID leave… hahaha… Blogging is not allowed in the office so I have to rush home to be able to post one blog a day…

“Again, thank you guys for having time to visit this humble blog of mine… I want you guys to know I appreciated it.”

 Hope more visit comes…




3 responses

6 12 2007

maganda talagang hobby ang blog or as u said vice. Kaya keep on blogging!

7 12 2007

uu sobrang adik ka na nga.. ako, medyo adik din pero di na ganun masyado gaya ng dati..pero for the meantime lng cguro to hehehhe…

7 12 2007

ahahaha… nakakaadik talaga e… hehehe…


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