Beware CSRs!!!

5 12 2007

OMG!!! What if makasagupa ko si Inday sa work?? Wag naman sana… ganito yung mga Customer na mahirap patahimikin e… hahaha naka experience na kaya ko ng ganitong klase… Sige… book agad ng technician!!!

Customer Service Representative

Ipinaalam ni Inday sa kanyang amo na nawalan ng connection ang DSL nila kaya’t sinabihan sya na tawagan nya ang support line para mapaayos ito…

indheadshot.gifCSR: Hi good evening, this is Michelle speaking how may I help you?

Inday: Yes, I would like to report that we are getting little to non-existent speed on our DSL connection. Can you help me mend it?

Michelle: Can I ask for your telephone number ma’am?

Inday: I just keyed in our number before I was connected to you, don’t you have any record of that?

Michelle: Errr… opo ma’am… but it’s just policy…

Inday: Save it! It’s ###-####.

Michelle: Thank you po ma’am. And this line is registered to…?

Inday: Mrs. Irene Montemayor. If you want to verify information, Date of birth is…. Billing address is…. Mother’s maiden name is…. Blood type is O…. Social security number is…. Now, do you require any more info from me?

Michelle: Ahmm, that would be enough po. Thank you. Mrs. Montemayor…

Inday: No, I am not her. This is Inday, her chambermaid and I am more than capable of deal…

(Di makapaniwala si Michelle na tsimay lang ang kanyang kinausap…)

Michelle: I’m sorry po pero kelangan po namin makausap ang may ari, andyan ba sya? (biglang nagtagalog na lang)

Inday: I’m telling you, you would be wasting everyone’s time if you ask her to speak to you to address this problem. I am more capable of handling this than she is. What does she know ab…

Michelle: Naiintindihan ko po ma’am pero policy po namin na…

Inday: AArrghh…

(Hindi na pinatapos ni Inday si Michelle at tinawag na lang ang kanyang amo para kumausap)

Mrs. Montemayor: Hello.

Michelle: Hello, is this Mrs. Montemayor?

Mrs. Montemayor: Yes this is her. Wala kasi akong alam sa DSL DSL na yan eh. Maid din namin madalas ang gumagamit ng internet kaya sya na lang siguro kausapin niyo ok?

(Di makapaniwala si Michelle sa narinig… iniabot ng amo ulit kay Inday ang telepono)

Inday: Now, can we get onto fixing the problem?

Michelle: Sige po. Ano po yung problema?

Inday: Well, we can’t connect to the internet. There’s simply no internet activity going on…

Michelle: Na-check niyo na po ba kung naka-on yung modem? Yung modem ay yung maliit na black…

(Nagulat si Inday… ang kapal ng mukha para itanong iyon)

Inday: My goodness!!! You are right! Not only did I forgot to turn it on but I also forgot to put on my brains when I woke up today. Are you insulting me? Of course it’s on…

Michelle: I’m sorry ma’am, I am just trying…

Inday: (naiirita na) Listen! If you’re going to interrupt me one more time I swear not only will I make your nose bleed without touching you but you’ll be bleeding from other orifice you don’t know you could bleed from.

(muntik nang mahulog si Michelle sa upuan nya…) 

Michelle: Yes ma’am… I understand…

Inday: Good, then listen for a bit… Our modem is already turned on, the LED for Power, Ethernet and DSL is on. It is also connected properly to our wireless router which is connected to our machine via UTP cable. WAN settings is set to Dynamic IP Address and the DHCP client is already connected. The router was also able to acquire an IP address already. The machine is already connected to the LAN based on the network icon status on the system tray but for some reason it’s not blinking or lighted up. I am quite sure that the problem is not on our setup but more on the DSL line itself so I’m asking you Michelle, can you help me or not?

Michelle: (nosebleed na) Ahmm, ma’am… wait I’ll transfer you to my supervisor…

Supervisor: Hi good evening! This is Rachel speaking, who am I speaking to?

Inday: This is Inday Binayubay and if I have to repeat myself one more time…

Rachel: Inday as in the one from The sosyal na katulong?

Inday: Yes and I would like to report a problem with our DSL connection so…

Rachel: Don’t worry po ma’am, I’ll personally have someone go to your house first thing tomorrow morning to check on it. You may contact me at 0921-####### for updates. We’ll have your DSL repaired in no time. Kaya pala walang updates sa site mo. Sorry po for the inconvenience.

Inday: Oh! Great! Thanks I guess. I’ll be expecting a technician by tomorrow morning then. Thanks!

Rachel: No, the pleasure is mine Inday. You see I’m a fan and maiinggit mga kasama ko dito if I told them that nakausap ko ang famous Inday. Thank you.

Inday: Alright. Goodbye then.

Kaya pala walang updates sa site nung nakaraan.



7 responses

6 12 2007

smart talaga si Inday. I heard bout her. makabisita nga sa site niya. hehehe.

6 12 2007

ei, thank you for visiting my blog. anyways, where did you get this? inday’s blog? hehehe… cool eryt? ill link you.

6 12 2007

hehe this is funny!

7 12 2007

astig talaga ni inday

7 12 2007

pati blogging pinasok na rin ni Inday.. ang lufet naman nun.. ano kaya website ni inday?…hmmm….


7 12 2007

Nasa Blog roll ko po yung site ni inday… Check her out… pamatay mga banat nyan…

7 01 2008

haha, that was funny. umaasenso na si inday.
ex link? 🙂

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