Beware CSRs!!!

5 12 2007

OMG!!! What if makasagupa ko si Inday sa work?? Wag naman sana… ganito yung mga Customer na mahirap patahimikin e… hahaha naka experience na kaya ko ng ganitong klase… Sige… book agad ng technician!!!

Customer Service Representative

Ipinaalam ni Inday sa kanyang amo na nawalan ng connection ang DSL nila kaya’t sinabihan sya na tawagan nya ang support line para mapaayos ito…

indheadshot.gifCSR: Hi good evening, this is Michelle speaking how may I help you?

Inday: Yes, I would like to report that we are getting little to non-existent speed on our DSL connection. Can you help me mend it?

Michelle: Can I ask for your telephone number ma’am?

Inday: I just keyed in our number before I was connected to you, don’t you have any record of that?

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Thanks a Lot!

5 12 2007

thanks_graphics_04a.gifThank you!!!

For everyone having time to visit my blog… For the past few days I felt like I was a Blog addict… coming from work I go straight home to post something… anything that can be said… (I mean wrote)…

I never thought it could be this fun again… I always update my blog… and find time to read on other bloggers post… I love it because it’s giving me views and different insights for different situations…

 Also, I was amazed on how my blog gets to other places… I really love blogging now… I told one of my colleagues that this is my only VICE… hehehe… this is some sort of entertainment for me… I even told my supervisor to visit it and leave a comment n it… You know what? Blogging even gives me a 3 day NOT PAID leave… hahaha… Blogging is not allowed in the office so I have to rush home to be able to post one blog a day…

“Again, thank you guys for having time to visit this humble blog of mine… I want you guys to know I appreciated it.”

 Hope more visit comes…