A Clockwork Orange!

21 11 2007

aclockworkorangea-clockwork-orange-posters.jpgIt’s hard to judge a film such as this. Its cold and hard, yet can be exhilarating and sarcastic. It can be average, yet it can be visionary. Exploitive? Satirical? Too many questions to consider when one watches this film.

Even after 36 years, this film still speaks volumes about our current culture, which many ideals are ringing true today. The younger generations are out of control due to lack of parental control, junk culture is becoming commonplace, violence is desensitizing the masses, and we all seem to be enjoying the ride on the way down. It’s very difficult to find movies which can make such startling commentary, yet hold on to such accusations for an extended period of time. Nowadays, films are focused-grouped to death, conformity is more powerful than artistry, and money is far more important than quality. Kubrick took a huge leap with this film, challenging society to take a hard look at itself. Unfortunately, society wasn’t ready for this film, which is why it is revered now more than ever.

Alex (Malcolm McDowell) is a cheerful young man who enjoys rape, violence, classical music, and just about everything sadistic. With his three droogs, Alex spends the nights terrorizing anyone who he might encounter. One night, after killing a woman with numerous cats, Alex’s gang turns on him and leaves him at the hands of the law. Alex next finds himself in prison with the sentence of 14 years for his murder that night. While in prison, he hears about a free ticket out of his sentence. All he has to do is be a guinea pig for a scientific experiment. The experiment is supposed to make Alex “better” and revert him from being bad to good. Alex says yes, jumping at the opportunity to get free faster. After being brainwashed by the scientists, Alex returns to civilization as a free and good man. However, the experiment has some side-effects that were not intended, and Alex is left helpless as his past victims come to gain revenge on him.

The acting (not to mention the soundtrack) is great. From the eye-grabbing first shot of the film to the confusing yet fulfilling last shot of the film, A Clockwork Orange remains to be one of the best classical films I’ve seen. I give A Clockwork Orange (1971) a 8 out of 10.

“Watch this film with an open mind and see the film as it truly is: a masterpiece.”




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