Nagpapalibre si Inday sa Among Nagbirthday

21 10 2007

Whoooaaa…. Inday… Kahit sino magno-nosebleed dito sayo… 

Inday: At last, thy day has cometh, fair ruler and damsel of this luxurious abode… It is with immense admiration and pleasure that I bequeath upon thee my birthday compliments… But where, oh where, would thy banquet take place, my dear queen? Surely, thou shall engage in merriment. For each year in bounty, our empress must bestow upon her mere chambermaids a fraction of the bounty and graces she hath received… Would thy be kind enough to let us partake in our royal majesty’s ball? The mead and ale to complement the honeysuckled roast loin and courtyard jesters are earthly temporalities we’re looking forward to. Unquestionably we’d be most charmed and delighted…

Amo: (Lumabas ang dugo sa lahat ng butas ng mukha)




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